Aleon Design Studio


I am the founder of Aleon Design Studio. A new way of thinking about and engaging with online spaces.

Aleon Design weaves digital landscapes that not only reflect the unique stories of our clients but also honors the interconnectedness of humanity, nature, and technology. Rooted in Black feminist and indigenous praxis, we aspire to craft digital homes that resonate with authenticity, sustainability, and boundless creativity.

Aleon Design Studio Website is Coming Soon. In the meatime, please explore some recent projects.

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Take a Digital Scroll 

Website Development
Web Design
Visual Branding
Integrating new and sustainable frameworks

Azur Design:

Logo Design, Visual Branding, Web Design, Web Dev

Eventure NYC:

Visual Branding, Web Design, Web Development | View full preview here.

Reecee’s Reach:

Visual Branding, Web Design, Digital Graphics, Web Development

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