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I am the founder of Aleon Design Studio. A new way of thinking about and engaging with online spaces.

Weaving digital landscapes that honor best practices in sustainable design and reflect the intersections of our unique stories. By integrating design aesthetics, compelling storytelling, and user engagement strategies, Aleon Design creates intriguing and authentic visual experiences.

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Aleon Design Studio Website is Coming Soon. In the meatime, please explore some recent projects.

Website Development
Web Design
Visual Branding
Brand Collateral
Integrating new and sustainable frameworks

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Featured Projects::

Azur Design:

Logo Design, Visual Branding, Web Design, Web Dev for Creative Design Group

Eventure NYC:

Visual Branding, Web Design, Web Development for Production + Experience Studio | View full preview here.

Marvin Behavioral Health:

Digital Marketing including Website updates, Print design, Social Media and E-Newsletters for behavioral health company.

Reecee’s Reach:

Visual Branding, Web Design, Digital Graphics, Web Development for mental health non-profit

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