NYU Media, Culture and Communication MediaLab

My role as a MediaLab Assistant at NYU’s Media, Culture and Communication was so thorough it deserves its own page.

Our main objective as a MediaLab was education in digital literacy. As a Lab, we held open workshops twice a week and visited various classes for one off workshops (typically lasting 1 hour). Our workshops included HTML/CSS, WordPress, Processing, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere,  Audition, and Illustrator.

Digital Literacy Workshops

As a Lab Assistant, I held open office hours ~3x a week. Students could come for technical and design support for any project using the above listed softwares. 
As Lab Assistants we were also assigned to classes.
In my first semester, I sat in the course Digital Media Theory & Practice as a MediaLab Course Assistant. This role included attendance/hw checks, and the planning + facilitation of mini workshops (HTML/CSS, ADobe Photoshop, Audition, Premeire).
In my second semester in the lab I co-planned and facilitated Adobe Preimere workshops (~1 hour) for 7 weeks in the course Critical Video.

Communication Lead

All MediaLab Assistants were connected to the Lab’s email and aided in responding to student, staff and faculty emails.
During my time at the MediaLab I sat as the Communications Lead Assistant, creating weekly emails for our newsletter, the Media Blast. The Media Blast was sent to all undergrad and graduate students in the department as well and faculty and staff updating the department on our upcoming workshops and events.

Events Lead

During the my time at the Lab, I also sat as the events lead. This role included making sure all designs were on brand for events and approved by necessary deadlines for outreach. This role also required making sure the Lab’s website was up to date with essential event information.

un(making) | See un(making) for more

After months of research, I was given the opportunity to create my own digital workshop series un(making):: working  towards merging technical skills with real world experiences of marginalized groups. The ultimate goal for this program was to create space for people of marganalized backgrounds to create, share expereinces, learn some digital skills and bond in community during our school’s online and hybrid semesters as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the first iteration of this event we created digital community cards, inspired by The Black School’s Process deck,

The second iteration of un(making) was creating digital collages inspired by the work of artist Jazz Grant.

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