more fairy more cyborg

what does it mean to live in connection with the natural world? what does it mean to embody this knowledge through everything we do? 

the world is art. return Home.

just as we are one with nature, the digital lives in the same realm. my art serves as an exploration of the connections of love, technology, memory, and nature.

The freedom to dream, to rest, to move aligned with nature was largely stripped away in the West due to ‘The Enlightenment’ and ‘Scientific Revolution.’ In the late 17th to 18th century, the western world entered ‘the Enlightenment,’ a period prioritizing intellectual reasoning and theories of the individual and disregarding cultural traditions that did not adhere to the Enlightenment’s agenda. It was around this time that Sigmund Freud, born in the Czech Republic, came into worldview. Freud opens On Dreams with a note that once, “modes of thought belonging to natural science began to flourish, indigenous mythology was transformed into psychology” (633). Disregarding Indigenous ways of knowing and being to transform knowledge into ‘modern science.”
More Fairy, More Cyborg
is a reminder that we are all connected by the earth that we live on. That we do not exist in a bubble, yet we are one with all that surrounds us -- by all that shapes us.

more coming soon! stay tuned
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