this is for the dreamers 

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can you let us dream?
of the future we wish to see,
for ourselves, our friends, our enemies,
allow us to be

can you let us dream,
of bettea fish fros
that wave free in both air and undersea,

anything really!
if we were given the chance
to rest
and see what comes

in the uncertainty of our dreams
we can go anywhere we wish
the stars or deep sea
we can get away
from all who don’t want us here

even ourselves
for a second 
we can be anything we want to be

alive even

can you let us dream?
see what there is to see?

maybe this dream will lead to more,
maybe my dream will help you dream
and your dream, me
do you believe that
we can dream our way out of this moment?
maybe it doesn’t need to be temporary...
maybe we can use our dream to see

what’s possible and what can be.

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