Collaging like a Spider on a Web

Through Space & Time
2 featured images from an exploration of time and space through familial photos of my friends. I took portrait photos of myself and a close friend, utilizing only our silhouettes to highlight our family ties. I called it Through Time & Space because while gathering images of multiple family generations, I focused on friends who are the children of immigrants. The images they shared with me and allowed me to photograph represent their family roots outside of New York/the US.
01 is a representation of my family, with images representing my home town in Pennsylvania, Maracas Beach in Trinidad and Tobago, and a young photo of my mom.
02 Iru’s silhouette is used with an image of their grandmother and a small polaroid of their family in Nigeria. I also included some photographs I took around their room here in New York.

Sweet Love features images of my partner and I with images representing their placemaking here in Brooklyn, New York. All images taken on film.

Algorithmic Botany and the World Around Me 
A creative coding project utlizing Amelia Bennett’s  "Housetop"— Twelve Block Variation Quilt. I explore what it means to acknowledge the layers in which our environment communitcates with us. We learn so much from the world around us when we slow down and take in our surroundings. Coded with P5.JS 
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Indigenize Tech
This project is an exploration of what a digital world can be, where digitial does not necessarily mean on the internet, where the digital lives in connection with nature and love.  The root for this exploration began to grow in Spring 2020, while planning a “Take Back the Internet” workshop for NYU’s Media, Culture, and Communication MediaLab in collaboration with Tech@NYU. 
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#SayHerName #SayTheirNames #JusticeForToyin
This work is made from 3-4 images combined in Photoshop, with illustrations of Oluwatoyin Salau drawn by me. Toyin lost her life at 19. At the time she was killed we were the same age. I still think about her often and how she was not proctected enough from the hate in this world.
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A continuation of the first collage featured on this page, Through Time & Space. The videos featured in this video are taken around the same town as the main image in the collage. I continued to explore how my upbringing and my town impact the way I live. Which I then tie back to mothering. How we are shaped and how we grow. Who will we become with all that our mothers have given us. Mother here is used loosely.

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